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IoT for Sustainability

Davison, Brian



Rajkumar Buyya

Lalit Garg

Giancarlo Fortino

Sanjay Misra


The Internet of Things (IoT) comprises a set of complementary technologies which offer unprecedented opportunities for interacting with the physical environment. Faced with multiple pressures on our physical wellbeing such as climate change, habitat and species loss, increasing urbanisation and global pandemics, the IoT paradigm appears to present some timely solutions. This chapter discusses the fit between the characteristics of IoT and the needs of sustainable development. It explores the potential for unintended consequences and concludes with some suggestions for the role of IoT in the global transition to sustainability.

Acceptance Date Mar 19, 2021
Online Publication Date Sep 27, 2022
Publication Date 2022
Deposit Date Dec 9, 2021
Publisher Springer
Pages 253-286
Series Title Internet of Things
Series ISSN 2199-1081
Book Title New Frontiers in Cloud Computing and Internet of Things
ISBN 978-3-031-05527-0
Keywords Internet of Things, IoT, Fog computing, Sustainability, Computational sustainability, Sustainable development
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