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Do Metrics Matter?

Innes, Malcolm; Rosenfeld, Scott


Malcolm Innes

Scott Rosenfeld


Lighting metrics are neither absolute quantitative nor purely qualitative experiential measurements. Possibly uniquely amongst the SI system of physical measurements, the Candela is a pseudo-objective measurement based on the human visual experience. As renowned author and researcher Kit Cuttle puts it, “instead of being a physical quantity, the lumen is a psychophysical quantity”.
Both speakers have extensive experience of designing low light museum environments. These are the places where the Lumen, the very basis of our system of lighting measurements, frequently diverges from the visual brightness perceived by the viewer.
What properties do designers actually work with and are they represented in the metrics we have available to us?


Innes, M., & Rosenfeld, S. (2019, May). Do Metrics Matter?. Presented at LightFair International 2019, Philadelphia, USA

Presentation Conference Type Lecture
Conference Name LightFair International 2019
Conference Location Philadelphia, USA
Start Date May 19, 2019
End Date May 23, 2019
Deposit Date Aug 19, 2019
Keywords Lighting design
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