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Public perceptions in health care security.

Buchanan, William J; Smales, Adrian



Over the past few years many industries have been revolutionized by the application of Information Technology, in fact, we are now moving from an Industrial Age into an Information Age, where almost every part of our lives involves some form of integration with electronic information. The health and social care infrastructure in the UK, though, has, in places, struggled to keep up with modern day practices related to Information Technology. This presentation thus aims to investigate the possible reasons for this, and the perceptions of citizens towards the usage of their health care record. There are many things which are providing drivers towards citizens getting access to their health records in some way. This includes with the UK Government stating that health records will be on-line to all within the next three years. Along with this the current Caldecott report supports an increase in the sharing of electronic records across the public sector, and which is also supported by the Scottish Government. The presentation will thus outline the results of a wide-spread survey on the attitudes to Electronic Health Records, and which was undertaken within May 2013. The key focus of the survey is to understand: - Who citizens think should own their data? - In which circumstances would citizens want access to the electronic health record? - What are the key features that citizens would like to gain access to if they had access to their records? - Who citizens would trust to be able to get access to their data? - Who citizens would trust to share information with? - Which services citizens would most like to access within an electronic infrastructure? - How much of the electronic health record that citizens want to get access to? - Whether citizens currently have some form of electronic communications with health care professionals? - What are the major barriers to the adoption of electronic access methods for citizens? - When integrating with the health care infrastructure, who citizens trust most, and least, in terms of proving their identity? While presenting the results, the presentation also includes the narrative around some feedback from citizens on their attitudes, and this will be used to compare the range of attitudes towards the access to Electronic Health Records. The presentation will then outline the results for the analysis of perceptions related to age, gender, profession, and location related to a wide range of questions. Finally the conclusion of the presentation will outline the lessons learned, and the areas that possibly require work-on within the existing health and social care infrastructures. In general, the presentation supports wireless voting, so that the audience can provide their own viewpoints on some of the key issues involved.


Buchanan, W. J., & Smales, A. (2013, January). Public perceptions in health care security. Paper presented at Health Informatics 2013

Presentation Conference Type Conference Paper (unpublished)
Conference Name Health Informatics 2013
Start Date Jan 1, 2013
End Date Jan 1, 2013
Publication Date 2013
Deposit Date Nov 6, 2013
Publicly Available Date Dec 31, 2013
Peer Reviewed Not Peer Reviewed
Keywords Electronic Health Records; government policy; e-Health;
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