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Development and exploration of person-dynamic-fit

von Weichs, Ines Maria Freifrau


Ines Maria Freifrau von Weichs


The aim of this research is to develop and explore a Person-Dynamic-Fit (PD-Fit) concept. This concept is measured by means of a fit between the dynamic preference of individuals and the level of dynamic in their specific work environments. This fit is reviewed for its relation to acknowledged Work Outcomes. An intensive literature review is conducted in the relevant research fields to identify the key factors and items for the study. Based on this the author develops relevant measurement tools for Individual Dynamic Preference (IDP), Work Environment Dynamic (WED) and Work Outcomes (WOC). For the IDP assessment recognized measurement tools for individual change readiness and resistance are adopted and the individuals’ experience with change is considered as well. For the WED assessment an established dynamic assessment instrument is used and for the WOC evaluation the study includes acknowledged factors such as job satisfaction, organisational commitment and turnover intention as well as a self-developed factor referred to as exploited potential. As other potential influencing factors, general Person-Environment-Fits (PE-Fits) as well as demographic data and work conditions are included in the study as well. To analyse and explore the proposed Person-Dynamic-Fit (PD-Fit) concept the author collects data through 25 semi-structured interviews with white collar employees of German organisations.
The underlying philosophical stance is that of a critical realist and for the analysis a mixed method approach is chosen. The collection of qualitative and quantitative data at the same time led to deeper insights into the newly proposed concept of Person-Dynamic-Fit (PD-Fit) and allowed for derivations for future research.
A new construct of PD-Fit has been developed conceptually and new insights in the assessment of dynamic preferences of individuals as well as in the assessment of environmental dynamic have been generated. The proposed PD-Fit could not be directly related to the defined Work Outcomes within this study but supportive indications for the new constructs have been identified. The findings do add substantial depth and breadth especially in the area of assessment knowledge. The mixed method approach revealed critical issues in the area of self-assessed data in the area of change and regarding generalized approaches. These topics require further research. Potential reasons for the results as well as limitations of the study are discussed as well. This work concludes with the connection of the findings to theory and practice and with potential fields for further or deeper research.

Thesis Type Thesis
Deposit Date Mar 10, 2014
Peer Reviewed Not Peer Reviewed
Keywords Person-Dynamic-Fit (PD-Fit); environment; work outcomes; Individual Dynamic Preference; Work Environment Dynamic; Person-Environment-Fits (PE-Fits);
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Contract Date Mar 10, 2014
Award Date 2013-10


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