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Dr Christos Chrysoulas

Biography Dr. Christos Chrysoulas received his Diploma and his Phd in Electrical Engineering from the University of Patras in 2003 and 2009 respectively. During his Phd (2004-2009) and PostDoc studies (2010-2015) his research was focused on Smart Grids, IoT, Industrial Automation, Machine Learning, Big Data, E-Learning systems, Computer Networks, High Performance Communication Subsystems Architecture and Implementation, Wireless Networks, Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), Resource Management and Dynamic Service Deployment in New Generation Networks and Communication Networks, Grid Architectures, Semantics, and Semantic Grid. He joined CISTER Research Center, Porto, as an invited Researched in 2013. He joined University of Porto as Post-Doc Research fellow in 2014 and from July 2015 he was with the University of Essex, holding a Senior Officer Researcher position. From September 2017 till January 2020, he was holding a Lecturer’s position in Software Engineering in the London South Bank University, UK. Currently is holding a Lecturer’s position in Software Engineering in the Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland, UK.
The outcome of this effort was properly announced in more than 50 technical papers in these areas. Dr. Christos Chrysoulas also participated as Senior Research/Engineer in both European and National Research Projects.


To disseminate research findings, Christos have published over 50 peer-reviewed papers. Apart from the above dissemination activities I have given several invited talks at other UK universities, international venues, and industry as follow:
- Chrysoulas, C., (2022). “GLASS: Towards a de centralized E Governance Model.” ICISS 2022, The 5th International Conference on Information Science and Systems. August 2022
- Chrysoulas, C., (2022). “Predictive maintenance approaches and how can potentially be used for the SOH for batteries and more” as part of the GXUST – ENU Research Collaboration Action. March 2022
- Chrysoulas, C., (2019). “Machine Learning in Communication Networks.” University of Porto, Porto, Portugal
- Chrysoulas, C., (2018). “IEC 61499 and what it is good for.” International Conference on Industrial Internet of Things and Smart Manufacturing IoTSM 2018, 5-6 September 2018, Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom

Christos received the "Leading Light Innovation" 2022 award at the Scottish Cybersecurity Awards as the CO-PI for the GLASS EU Project.

Also received the Best presentation award for the ICISS 2021 conference.


Christos has also contributed to the organisation of major scientific events. Christos actively participating in organising high impact conferences. During his Ph.D., he had the opportunity to serve as session chair for a plethora of Conferences like IWAN '05, CSNDSP '06, WEBIST '07. It was a great opportunity not only to gain
experience in such a role but also to interact with high-esteem members of the scientific community. As a Postdoctoral researcher (2013-2014), Christos worked for the Centre of Real Time and Embedded Computing Systems (Portugal) in the pioneering "ARROWHEAD: Enable collaborative automation by networked embedded devices" Artemis European project in the area of Smart Grids and Energy harvesting and transporting, worth 60 million pounds. There he had the opportunity to work closely with pioneering academics and scientists, like Prof. Jerker Delsing and Prof. Valeriy Vyatkin. Also, as a Postdoctoral researcher (2014-2015), Christos worked on the "HIPA: High Integrity Process Automation”, COMPETE European Program, with world known Academics like Prof. Alois Zoitl and Prof. Luis Almeida. From July 2015 till August 2017, Christos was working as a Postdoctoral researched in the University of Essex with Prof. Maria Fasli (holder of the prestigious UNESCO Chair in Analytics and Data Science) in the area of Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.
Christos served as the Local Arrangements Co-chair for the 2021 4th ACM International Conference on Information Science and Systems, that took place in Edinburgh. Christos have also been serving as an organizing and program committee member of major international conferences (INFOCOM, SIGCOM, ICC, RTCSA, ETFA, INDIN, WFCS, etc.)


* GLASS: SinGLe Sign-on eGovernAnce paradigm based on a distributed file exchange network for Security, transparency, cost effectiveness and truSt (EU, 2021 – 2024), co-PI
* PROFEEDBACK COST Action-funded project (EU, 2021 - 2025), PI


* SWAM: Smart WAter Management System, (Internal fund, 2021), PI
* CATALYST: Improving community services for vulnerable people, (Higher Education Funding Council for England , 2015 - 2019), Researcher
* ARROWHEAD : Enable collaborative automation by networked embedded devices. Artemis European Project (2013-2016), Researcher
Teaching and Learning - SET08109 2019-0 TR2 001 - Web Development for Information Management

- SET08122 2019-0 TR2 001 - Algorithms and Data Structures

- SET09417 2019-0 TR2 002 - Algorithms and Data Structures

- SET09801 2019-0 TR3 001 - Database Systems

- SET11801 2019-0 TR3 001 - Database Systems

- SOC09109 2019-0 TR2 001 - Group Project

- SET11112 2019-0 TR2 002 - Web Design & Development