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Environmental Art/107 m3 Pavilion (2023)
Journal Article
Yamada, R. (2023). Environmental Art/107 m3 Pavilion. World Art,

This intervention describes the installation art piece, named 107 m3 Pavilion, inspired to reveal the 'difference' between the breath a human's CO2 emission versus a tree's absorption. The disparity in the extent of breath creates imbalance.

Infinite Landscape / 水・光 (2022)
Exhibition / Performance
Yamada, R. Infinite Landscape / 水・光. [Environmental Art / Installation Art]. Exhibited at Sapporo Contemporary Art Museum, Sapporo, Japan. 23 September 2022 - 10 October 2022. (Unpublished)

Site Preoccupation / Ryo Yamada (2021)
Exhibition / Performance
Yamada, R. Site Preoccupation / Ryo Yamada. [Installation Art]. Exhibited at Contemporary Art Institution, Sapporo, Japan. 10 July 2021. (Unpublished)

107m3 Pavilion (2020)
Exhibition / Performance
Yamada, R. 107m3 Pavilion. [Environmental Art]. Exhibited at Benizakura Art Annual, Sapporo, Japan. July 2020. (Unpublished)