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Film: Scuzz (2021)
Digital Artefact
Ghafar, A., & O'Connor, A. (2021). Film: Scuzz. [Film]

On a Saturday night in Glasgow, a bassist pursues a teenage boy through the streets for a stolen guitar, but ends up finding what she really needs - a sincere human connection. Developed and commissioned by Scottish Film Talent Network (BFI Networ... Read More about Film: Scuzz.

Film: Do No Harm (2020)
Digital Artefact
King, D., & O'Connor, A. (2020). Film: Do No Harm. [Film]

A tense, amusing and ultimately hopeful OCD-heist movie, starring Claudie Blakley (Gosford Park, Pride & Prejudice) and Sharon Rooney (My Mad Fat Diary, Dumbo, Barbie), and punctuated with a standout score by Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres, Do No Harm is a... Read More about Film: Do No Harm.

Film: Bunny (2018)
Digital Artefact
Hughes, S., & O'Connor, A. (2018). Film: Bunny. [Film]

The film was commissioned by the Scottish Film Talent Network, Creative Scotland & the BFI Network as part of their Scottish Short 2017 scheme. Directed by Shaun Hughes and Cinematography by Andrew O'Connor The film explores themes of undiagnosed... Read More about Film: Bunny.