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On the Side of the Angels (2004)
Book Chapter
Milne, L. S. (2004). On the Side of the Angels. In J. Lingwood (Ed.), Susan Hiller: Recall - Selected Works, 1969-2004 (141-147). Gateshead: Baltic & Porto: Museu de Arte ... & Basel: Kunsthalle

Contribution to the catalogue of an exhibition of art by Susan Hiller, held at the Baltic, Gateshead, May 1 - July 18, 2004, Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Serralves, Porto, October 15, 2004 - January 9, 2005 and Kunsthalle Basel, January 30 - March... Read More about On the Side of the Angels.

The Philosopher's Garden. (2004)
Gillanders, R., France, P., & Lawson, J. (2004). The Philosopher's Garden. National Galleries of Scotland

Wendy McMurdo. (2004)
Exhibition / Performance
McMurdo, W., & Stathatos, J. (2004). Wendy McMurdo. 2004 - 2004. (Unpublished)

A solo exhibition of work by Wendy McMurdo, widely regarded as one of Scotland's leading contemporary artists, working in the field of photography and digital media.The exhibition consists of images from her on-going series of images of children at p... Read More about Wendy McMurdo..

Documentary Film: 'Tree Fellers' (2004)
Digital Artefact
MacPherson, R., & Bilgrami, S. (2004). Documentary Film: 'Tree Fellers'

Tree Fellers (24 mins) tells the story of the 900 Belizean lumberjacks who in 1942 left the tropical rainforests of British Honduras to help Britain fight fascism by felling trees in Scotland. Sam ( 93), Eric (87) and Amos (86) were among those who s... Read More about Documentary Film: 'Tree Fellers'.

Rebel frontier. (2004)
Digital Artefact
MacPherson, R., & Bell, D. (2004). Rebel frontier

Rebel Frontier (65/52 mins) is an anti-war film set in the US which sees America’s immigrant communities up against the national security state. The war in question is the First World War and the anti-war protesters the Irish and Finnish miners of Bu... Read More about Rebel frontier..