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Tarkovsky: Cinema of Dreams (2018)
Digital Artefact
Milne, L., & Martin, S. (2018). Tarkovsky: Cinema of Dreams. [Website]

Lanterna Magicka comprises film makers Louise Milne and Sean Martin. Currently in production, their film Tarkovsky: Cinema of Dreams, is a critical account of the great director's relationship with dreams and the subconscious, seeing his films as a c... Read More about Tarkovsky: Cinema of Dreams.

Eidolon (2018)
Digital Artefact
Milne, L. (2018). Eidolon. [Film]

10 mins, experimental Super 8 film Eidolon: dream image, apparition, phantom, ghost. Three dreams in three voices navigate a garden of forking paths. With texts from Horace, Freud's Wolf Man and an anonymous late 20C dreamer, a film in Super8 and... Read More about Eidolon.

Mnemosyne (2017)
Digital Artefact
Milne, L. (2017). Mnemosyne. [Film]

5,22 min experimental, Super 8 film Mnemosyne: Muse of Memory, Inventor of Language. A blue road, an alphabet nursery rhyme, the country of the past, seen in dreams. A Super8 essay on time and simultaneity.

Franki Raffles Archive (2016)
Digital Artefact
Scott, A. J. (2016). Franki Raffles Archive

Franki Raffles (1955-94) was a feminist social documentary photographer. She was based in Edinburgh but travelled widely, photographing women at work and in their everyday lives, in Scotland, and across the world. Her tragic early death, at the... Read More about Franki Raffles Archive.

Fragments of place : revealing sense of place through shared phone images. (2009)
Digital Artefact
Smyth, M., & Helgason, I. (2009). Fragments of place : revealing sense of place through shared phone images

Is an interactive new media art installation that explores how the sharing of images, normally hidden on mobile phones, can reveal more about people's sense of place and this ultimately shared experience. Traditional views on sense of place, as exemp... Read More about Fragments of place : revealing sense of place through shared phone images..

Bubble hunters 3D. (2008)
Digital Artefact
Ridley-Ellis, D. (2008). Bubble hunters 3D

Short video invited to be shown in the 3D theatre session of the 2009 Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference, California

Lightweave. (2007)
Digital Artefact
Drummond, I., Buckley, J. & Hammond, J. (2007). Lightweave.

The first ‘Lightweave’ at Trencherfield Mill, Wigan Pier Quarter, Wigan, produces dramatic interventions within the area to raise its profile and signify positive change. The ambition is to achieve an overall unity between nature and industry, past a... Read More about Lightweave..

Knightlights. (2006)
Digital Artefact
Drummond, I., Buckley, J. & Hamlyn, J. (2006). Knightlights.

Documentary Film: 'Tree Fellers' (2004)
Digital Artefact
MacPherson, R., & Bilgrami, S. (2004). Documentary Film: 'Tree Fellers'

Tree Fellers (24 mins) tells the story of the 900 Belizean lumberjacks who in 1942 left the tropical rainforests of British Honduras to help Britain fight fascism by felling trees in Scotland. Sam ( 93), Eric (87) and Amos (86) were among those who s... Read More about Documentary Film: 'Tree Fellers'.

Rebel frontier. (2004)
Digital Artefact
MacPherson, R., & Bell, D. (2004). Rebel frontier

Rebel Frontier (65/52 mins) is an anti-war film set in the US which sees America’s immigrant communities up against the national security state. The war in question is the First World War and the anti-war protesters the Irish and Finnish miners of Bu... Read More about Rebel frontier..

Documentary Film: 'Recreating Paradise' (2002)
Digital Artefact
Bilgrami, S. (2002). Documentary Film: 'Recreating Paradise'

The creative interaction between Muslims, refugees and Scottish artists, as they sew together “paradise”. In the process of creation, we discover stories of loss and hope.

Documentary Film: 'Under My Skin' (2001)
Digital Artefact
Bilgrami, S. (2001). Documentary Film: 'Under My Skin'

Award winning documentary film about two immigrant artists in Scotland and the Camera, Editor experience of cross-cultural identity in their art and their lives.