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Perseverance. (2003)
Exhibition / Performance
Burrin, P., Bailey, M., Beeston, M., & Mutter, C. (2003). Perseverance. 1 October 2003 - 31 October 2003. (Unpublished)

De contemplationis digitis. (2003)
Hails, J. (2003). De contemplationis digitis. Cheltenham, UK

In this piece, my research aim was to develop the contrary relationship of the flute (blown, sustained sound) to piano (struck, decaying sound) in the context of a playful formal scheme relating text and music. Initial conversation with the flauti... Read More about De contemplationis digitis..

Lovesongs. (2003)
Hails, J. (2003). Lovesongs. London, UK

The research aims of this piece were to explore a tempo grid, using tempo ratios to construct a complex metrical texture in conjunction with the use of quotation to create formal outline to each movement. The tempo grid (seven tempi, related by si... Read More about Lovesongs..