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for St Gabriel's (2018)
Burton, K. (2018). for St Gabriel's. [PDF score]. Prestonpans, Scotland

A site-specific work informed by the architectural design of St Gabriel's RC church, Prestonpans. The piece was presented at St Gabriel's on July 7th 2018 by Caitlin Monaghan (percussion) and Joanna Stark (cello), programmed as part of the 3 Harbours... Read More about for St Gabriel's.

Floating Sanctuary (2017)
Burton, K. (2017). Floating Sanctuary. [PDF score]. Edinburgh, Scotland

A site-specific work for solo cello written for Edinburgh Doors open Day. The piece is informed by the architectural design of Craigsbank Parish Church and was presented in the space at regular intervals on September 23 2017. It was performed by Joan... Read More about Floating Sanctuary.

Two Hearts Beating (2017)
Dempster, K. (2017). Two Hearts Beating. [Musical Score]. Edinburgh, UK

Grassmarket Community Project • Composition: Two Hearts Beating for soprano and guitar. • Performance 1: Grassmarket Community Project during Edinburgh Doors Open Day on 23 September 2017. • Performance 2: Stockbridge Parish Church, in a v... Read More about Two Hearts Beating.

David Bowie’s late revival belongs to a grand tradition dating back to Beethoven (2017)
Frayn, A., & Durkin, R. (2017). David Bowie’s late revival belongs to a grand tradition dating back to Beethoven.

On David Bowie's Blackstar as embodying aspects of late style, as discussed by Theodor Adorno and Edward Said.

for one (2016)
Hails, J. (2016). for one. [Musical score]. Print manuscript in the possession of the composer

Musical work (duration 19') for oneunspecified melodic sustaining instrument. Work employs specific tuning related to just intervals.

Sh (2015)
Hails, J. (2015). Sh. [Score]. Edinburgh, Scotland

Sh is a work for solo guitar that lasts around three minutes.

Madlener House. (2015)
Burton, K. (2015). Madlener House. [PDF Score]. Chicago, USA

A work for violin and cello commissioned by Access Contemporary Music and the Chicago Architecture Foundation. The work explores the relationship between music and architecture, specifically that of Madlener House, Chicago, home to the Graham Foundat... Read More about Madlener House..

Making Connections. (2014)
Burton, K. (2014). Making Connections. [PDF Score]. Edinburgh, Scotland

The piece is written for an ensemble of alto/bass flute, alto saxophone, viola, vibraphone/bongos and piano. Written as part of a telematic research project connecting musicians and dancers in remote sites, the work involved a collaboration with m... Read More about Making Connections..

from Webern to dance to Burton. (2014)
Burton, K. (2014). from Webern to dance to Burton. [PDF score]. Dublin, Ireland

Commissioned by the Concorde Ensemble. Paul Roe gave the premiere performance at the RHA Gallery, Dublin, 23rd February 2014. The piece is informed by the choreography of Jiri Kylian, in particular two three minute sections of his work No More Pl... Read More about from Webern to dance to Burton..

Haftor Medbøe & Anneke Kampman - Places and Spaces (2012)
Medbøe, H. (2012). Haftor Medbøe & Anneke Kampman - Places and Spaces. Edinburgh, UK

An album of nine compositions featuring Anneke Kampman (vocals), Andy Jeffcoat (synth), Richard Kass (percussion). Engineered by Michal Jankowski Produced by Graham Coe Released in September 2009

EMG (2012)
Hails, J. (2012). EMG. [Musical score]. Edinburgh, Scotland

Work for solo piano requested and first performed by Nicholas Ashton. This work samples vertical chord structures from an earlier piece for piano (EVEN MORE GEESE), which itself was derived from an ensemble piece (More Geese). These samples are pre... Read More about EMG.

Miniatures for Horn Trio. (2010)
Burton, K. (2010). Miniatures for Horn Trio. [PDF score]. Plymouth, UK

This three movement work was first performed by members of the Research Ensemble at the Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival, 26 February 2010. Material from the first movement reappears in the second and third in various guises. The second... Read More about Miniatures for Horn Trio..

951912 for orchestra. (2009)
Burton, K. (2009). 951912 for orchestra. [PDF score]. Glasgow, Scotland

The work was premiered by the Orchestra of Scottish Opera, 30th September 2009. It was commissioned as part of the New Glasgow Harmonies Festival. Much of the composition focuses on sonority and an exploration of the lower register of certain inst... Read More about 951912 for orchestra..

Deacon (CD/DVD Set) (2009)
Moir, Z. (2009). Deacon (CD/DVD Set)

DVD/CD set of commissioned work for the rehabilitation of adult cochlear implant users, published by MED-EL UK.

BE GOOD. (2008)
Hails, J. (2008). BE GOOD. [Musical score]. Edinburgh, Scotland

Work for solo horn, dedicated to Elliott Carter on the occasion of his 100th birthday. First performed by Fergus Kerr on 28th September 2008.

74 Front Street (for solo cello) (2008)
Burton, K. (2008). 74 Front Street (for solo cello). [PDF score]. Edinburgh, Scotland

74 Front Street is intended as a musical response to the work of American sculptor Fred Sandback (1943-2003), in particular his string sculptures which are intentionally uncomplicated, minimal and strikingly beautiful. The relationship between these... Read More about 74 Front Street (for solo cello).