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Leaving Planet Earth (Follow-on Voucher Project). (2013)
Digital Artefact
Lambert, I., Innes, M., O'Dowd, A., Winton, E., & Blake, J. (2013). Leaving Planet Earth (Follow-on Voucher Project)

SFC FOLLOW-ON VOUCHER The project was undertaken as a SFC Follow-on Voucher (£40K) alongside a student project with BDes (Hons) Design & Digital Arts (D&DA).James Blake (Centre for Media & Culture) brought together students and staff to develop digi... Read More about Leaving Planet Earth (Follow-on Voucher Project)..

Whisky Wood Bowls. (2012)
Digital Artefact
Lambert, I. (2012). Whisky Wood Bowls

Victor Papanek described design as goal directed play. We have played with a resin casting process, developed with Paul Kerlaff, using exhausted whisky cask staves to create a range of fruit bowls. Colin Malcolm and Blair Reid helped fabricate the ou... Read More about Whisky Wood Bowls..

Whisky Table and other experiments (2011)
Digital Artefact
Lambert, I., & Kerlaff, P. (2011). Whisky Table and other experiments

Using the SFC Innovation voucher scheme, Edinburgh design company With Kerlaff worked with the Institute for Creative Industries in researching the potential for the use of exhausted whiskey barrel staves, an abundant industrial by-product, in the de... Read More about Whisky Table and other experiments.

Lightweave. (2007)
Digital Artefact
Drummond, I., Buckley, J. & Hammond, J. (2007). Lightweave.

The first ‘Lightweave’ at Trencherfield Mill, Wigan Pier Quarter, Wigan, produces dramatic interventions within the area to raise its profile and signify positive change. The ambition is to achieve an overall unity between nature and industry, past a... Read More about Lightweave..

Flipper Chair (2006)
Digital Artefact
Lambert, I. (2006). Flipper Chair

Adaptable furniture. Exhibited at the Lighthouse (Glasgow) 2007; and Designers Block, London Design Week 2006.

Zzzap Light. (2006)
Digital Artefact
Lambert, I. (2006). Zzzap Light

Interactive, sound sensitive light that retracts into the wall on voice command or clap of the hands. Exhibited at Designers Block, London Design Week, 2006