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Dr David Binnie

Biography Dr Binnie set up the Sensors and Instrumentation Group at Edinburgh Napier University in 1991 to work on a variety of academic and commercial contracts. Dr Binnie was appointed Reader in Sensor Systems in January 1996. Dr. Binnie was co-investigator of SERC Grant Award. "Traffic Representation by Artificial Neural Systems" (GR/H81016:1994-97), was principal investigator of EPSRC grant award "Infrared Sensor Arrays" (GR/K17224:1995-98). He was co-investigator of JREI award “Advanced Microelectronics” (GR/L83882:1998-01), co-investigator of EPSRC grant award "ALF: Audio Location Finder for the visually impaired" (GR/M06253:1998-01), and was co-investigator of the DTI Link programme "Permeate" (2000-02). He has held directly funded commercial research contracts with: Shell Exploration and Production (UK) Ltd Aberdeen, Shell Research Ltd. Thornton, and Hewlett Packard Research Laboratories, Bristol. More recently he has acted as a technical consultant and advisor for a number of start-up companies, such as VLSI Vision Ltd., Funky Moves Ltd., and Pyreos Ltd. Dr Binnie is a member of the EPSRC College and has over fifty publications and three active patents in sensor and sensor system design.
Research Interests Sensors & Sensor Arrays; Sensor Systems, The 'Sensor Stack'; Analogue Electronics - particularly low-noise, front-end design; Digital and Analogue Signal Processing; Image Processing; Optics & Optical Design;Opto-electronics;Embedded Microprocessors; VHDL & FPGA Design.