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Dr Paul Langford

Biography I have twenty years or so working within the Financial Services sector, mostly in "IT and Change" within Allied Dunbar Assurance then AEGON, where latterly I was a Programme Leader/Senior Project Manager.

After the financial crisis circa 2008 onwards I took the opoprtunity to complete my MSc Business Management at Napier then moved to be a full time lecturer in 2013. I teach in UK, HK, and China.
Teaching and Learning I am Programme Leader on a post-graduate commercial programme.

I teach FIN07102 Introduction to Financial Services and in third year I teach the Financial Technology module (I used to work in IT in the financial services sector). In HK I teach Financial Instutions Markets and Services, and Advanced Personal Financial Planning (I teach the latter in Guiyang, China, also). I teach Research Methods in Kunming, China.