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A Night at Stobs (2018)
Exhibition / Performance
Schwan, A., Davie, I., Frayn, A., Martin, S., Dempster, K., Durkin, R., …Trimm, C. A Night at Stobs. [Music and Theatre Performance]. 18 June 2018 - 22 June 2018. (Unpublished)

An evening of music and comedy, based on material found at Stobs Camp, a First World War internment camp in the Scottish Borders. Performances at Chalmers Church, Edinburgh (18 June 2018), Cottiers Theatre, Glasgow (19 June 2018), and Tower Mill The... Read More about A Night at Stobs.

Two Hearts Beating (2017)
Dempster, K. (2017). Two Hearts Beating. [Musical Score]. Edinburgh, UK

Grassmarket Community Project • Composition: Two Hearts Beating for soprano and guitar. • Performance 1: Grassmarket Community Project during Edinburgh Doors Open Day on 23 September 2017. • Performance 2: Stockbridge Parish Church, in a v... Read More about Two Hearts Beating.

Distant Voices (2016)
Dempster, K. (2016). Distant Voices. [Musical Score]. Edinburgh, UK

Distant Voices - A unique multi-disciplinary performance, in which live musicians in Edinburgh connect, via video-link technology, with dancers on stage in Liverpool and Florida. This telematic creative research project explored the efficacy of VisiM... Read More about Distant Voices.

The Hold (2014)
Dempster, K. (2014). The Hold. [Musical Score]. Edinburgh, UK

The Hold – a site-specific, promenade performance, staged at the National Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh, the result of a collaboration between Lung Ha’s Theatre Company and National Museums Scotland. The play is by Anglo-Canadian wri... Read More about The Hold.

Clarinet and String Quartet. (2006)
Exhibition / Performance
Beeston, M., Bailey, M., Burrin, P., Mutter, C., & Dempster, K. (2006). Clarinet and String Quartet. Performed at Edinburgh. 10 June 2006 - 10 June 2006

No abstract available.

The Cold Dancer. (2005)
Dempster, K. (2004). The Cold Dancer

The work’s starting-point and source of inspiration is the poem, A Reel of Seven Fishermen by the Orcadian poet, George Mackay Brown and the music is structured closely around the form and ideas found in the poem. In the early stages of the work, the... Read More about The Cold Dancer..

Six feet of blood. (2005)
Exhibition / Performance
Dempster, K. (2005). Six feet of blood. 1 April 2005 - 1 April 2005

Six feet of blood. (2005)
Dempster, K. (2005). Six feet of blood

The work is based on the poem, 'So many make one' by Norman MacCaig. The poem expresses the development, as well as the passing, of the many different stages in our lives; and by employing a technique of continually recurring musical material, Kennet... Read More about Six feet of blood..

Peer Gynt. (2004)
Dempster, K. (2004). Peer Gynt

Seven fans for Alma Mahler. (2002)
Dempster, K. (2002). Seven fans for Alma Mahler

"Seven Fans for Alma Mahler" is based on the tumultuous love affair between Oskar Kokoschka and Gustav Mahler's widow, and on the seven beautiful fans he painted for her throughout their three-year liaison (1912-1915). The work is structured closely... Read More about Seven fans for Alma Mahler..