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An adaptive lattice filter. (1985)
Book Chapter
Rutter, M. (1985). An adaptive lattice filter. In P. B. Denyer, & D. Renshaw (Eds.), V.L.S.I. Signal Processing: a bit-serial approach. Addison Wesley, London

Timed gradient adaptive lattice equaliser. (1985)
Journal Article
Rutter, M., & Grant, P. M. (1985). Timed gradient adaptive lattice equaliser. IEE proceedings. F, Communications, radar, and signal processing, 132, 181-186.

The paper addresses the design of timed stochastic gradient-search adaptive lattice filters for applications in channel equalisation. Timing the lattice, i.e. freezing the PARCOR recursion, has previously been shown to offer a significant reduction... Read More about Timed gradient adaptive lattice equaliser..