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Lumbar flexor-extensor ratio does not change with age despite a reduction in multifidus volume

Valentin, Stephanie; Elliott, James; Licka, Theresia


James Elliott

Theresia Licka


Introduction: Trunk musculature is an important contributor to spinal stability. In a healthy population, ageing leads to generalised muscle volume loss. Whilst the benefits of synergistic muscle activity for a supported spine are well reported, age-related changes of relative muscle volume are less well-documented. Therefore, the aim of this preliminary study was to identify trunk muscle volume and ratio of flexors to extensors in a young and mature group of healthy participants.

Presentation Conference Type Conference Paper (unpublished)
Conference Name Eurospine Annual Meeting 2013
Start Date Oct 2, 2013
End Date Oct 4, 2013
Publication Date 2013
Deposit Date Feb 8, 2023