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Policy Synthesis and Integrative Report on Youth Self-Employment in Europe


Andrea McNamara

Renate Ortlieb

Silvana Weiss

Jaan Masso

Kadri Paes

Maryna Tverdostup

Eneli Kindsiko

Aleksy Pocztowski

Beata Buchelt

Urban Pauli


Robin Hinks

Nigel Meager

Anna Fohrbeck

Sam Swift


This report summarises the main objectives and findings underpinning all three deliverables of Work Package 7 (WP7) of the EU STYLE project 'Business start-ups and youth self-employment'. In Europe, the rate of youth unemployment is high (20 per cent) and as a response, self-employment is perceived as one way to address it. The rate of self-employment in Europe has remained relatively stable in recent years, yet across the EU member states, there are significant variations in the rates of self-employment with these being low in some instances. Rates of youth self-employment in the EU, however, are low. All of this is set against the backdrop of no standard definition of self-employment at European level. The objective of WP7 is to conduct a gender-sensitive analysis of the factors which encourage business start-ups by the youth, the characteristics of such individuals and their businesses, self-employment outcomes and the policies which facilitate business sustainability, business growth and innovation. The first three deliverables of WP7 include: (1) Business start-ups and youth self-employment: a policy literature review; (2) Mapping patterns of self-employment: secondary analysis; (3) Start-ups and youth self-employment: case study findings.


Sheehan, M., McNamara, A., Ortlieb, R., Weiss, S., Masso, J., Paes, K., …Swift, S. (2016). Policy Synthesis and Integrative Report on Youth Self-Employment in Europe. Brighton: European Union

Report Type Discussion Paper
Publication Date 2016
Deposit Date Feb 20, 2020
Pages 1-35
Series Title Strategic Transitions for Youth Labour in Europe (STYLE)
Keywords Entrepreneurship; Self employment; Unemployment; Policy implications; Employment pattern; European Union; Young worker
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