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Performance Evaluation of Virtualization with Cloud Computing

Pelletingeas, Christophe


Christophe Pelletingeas


Cloud computing has been the subject of many researches. Researches shows that cloud computing permit to reduce hardware cost, reduce the energy consumption and allow a more efficient use of servers. Nowadays lot of servers are used inefficiently because they are underutilized. The uses of cloud computing associate to virtualization have been a solution to the underutilisation of those servers. However the virtualization performances with cloud computing cannot offers performances equal to the native performances.

The aim of this project was to study the performances of the virtualization with cloud computing. To be able to meet this aim it has been review at first the previous researches on this area. It has been outline the different types of cloud toolkit as well as the different ways available to virtualize machines. In addition to that it has been examined open source solutions available to implement a private cloud. The findings of the literature review have been used to realize the design of the different experiments and also in the choice the tools used to implement a private cloud. In the design and the implementation it has been setup experiment to evaluate the performances of public and private cloud.

The results obtains through those experiments have outline the performances of public cloud and shows that the virtualization of Linux gives better performances than the virtualization of Windows. This is explained by the fact that Linux is using paravitualization while Windows is using HVM. The evaluation of performances on the private cloud has permitted the comparison of native performance with paravirtualization and HVM. It has been seen that paravirtualization hasperformances really close to the native performances contrary to HVM. Finally it hasbeen presented the cost of the different solutions and their advantages.

Thesis Type Thesis
Deposit Date Dec 22, 2010
Publicly Available Date Dec 31, 2010
Peer Reviewed Not Peer Reviewed
Keywords Cloud computing; energy consumption; efficiency; virtualization; performance; open source; Linux; Windows; HVM;
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Contract Date Dec 22, 2010
Award Date 2010-12


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